Saturday, October 5, 2013

Game Recommendation #3: Mechwarrior Online

Hurray! Yet another review of a game I love. This week is all about Mechwarrior Online, a game with giant robots that shoot each other and wreck everything. Truly amazing, not only is the gameplay fantastic, but the story behind the whole franchise is awesome. Not to mention the community around it.

The game just came out of Open Beta, and is now a Free-to-Play MMO. The game is developed by Piranha Games, and is published by Infinite Game Publishing. The open beta began on October 29 of this year, while it launched on September 17 of this year. The game itself is tied in with a larger game franchise, Mechwarrior, that had 5 previous games. Mechwarrior itself is also tied into the Battletech Franchise of books, TV shows, and board game.

Mechwarrior Online's logo, which sports a metal aesthetic.
The gameplay is current not perfect due to it being only recently launched, but the developers release frequent updates. New game modes, 'mechs, maps, and features are also added frequently. However, the gameplay currently is good, with the current features. Expect improvements later on.

The game revolves around Battlemechs, which are giant robots armed to the brim with weaponry. They come in 4 flavors. Light, Medium, Heavy, and Assault. Each have their own characteristics. For example, lights are usually used as scouts. Some 'mechs can have characteristics of other types, however.

The game is, as said previously, is free-to-play. You can find and download the client here: